Business Phone Systems Lutz FL

A business phone system is essential for both small and large businesses, because a business phone system provides advanced options to help improve communications for you and your customers. Business phones are designed to handle complex functions, such as routing calls to reach the correct person. Because of their design, business phone systems offer so much more than a typical residential phone service can offer. If you are looking for business phone systems Lutz FL, look no further than SGD Communications. Find out what a business phone system can do for your business.

Here are a few functions that come standard with most business phone systems:

  • Multiple lines – allows you to speak with multiple customers at once
  • Voicemail – stores messages for later retrieval if you are not available to take a call
  • Automated Features – makes it so that an auto attendant can direct calls to the appropriate extension
  • Conference Calling – gives you the ability to have more than one person on the phone call at once
  • Hold Music – lets the caller know that they are still actively waiting on the line

So now that you know the features, you need to figure out what type of business phone system is right for you.

The following are two popular phone systems for small businesses: multi-line and VoIP. The main difference between these two phone systems is the technology and the cost.

Multi-line phone systems are characterized by having several phone lines running through the same unit. Multi-lines are fairly simple, making it a great solution for small businesses. Although basic, they still have many advanced features for a business phone system, such as transferring or forwarding calls to different lines, setting up a personalized voicemail for each extension, and the ability to answer multiple lines from a single desk phone. If you are new to multi-line phone systems, the biggest thing you should look out for is how many lines the system supports compared to how many users you currently have or expect to have as your business continues to grow.

VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol”. VoIP business phone systems operate by using internet connection rather than utilizing multiple phone lines. There are several advantages that VoIP has over other standard phone systems, including quick installation, low cost, scalability, advanced features, and you can even set up an auto attendant to handle incoming calls and call forwarding. One of the greatest advantages of VoIP service, however, is that it can be easily integrated with your business software, such as customer relationship manager (CRM) software, which allows automatic logging off as well as many other perks. One small disadvantage of VoIp is that you must ensure that you are equipped with high-speed internet. Without a good internet connection, VoIP will be an unreliable option.

A business phone system is important for managing phone calls for your business. If you are looking for business phone systems Lutz FL, give SGD communications a call today at (813) 527-9292 and we can help you explore the best options. If you prefer, you can fill out the contact form on this page and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to getting the best fit business phones up and running so your company can run efficiently and effectively.