CCTV Brandon FL

You worked hard to purchase your home and/or business facility, so why leave them unprotected? It is a well-established fact that a would-be burglar is less likely to break into a home or business if they know there is a security system in place. A simple, yet effective, security system to use is a CCTV setup. Let SGD communications set up a CCTV Brandon FL system for you. We will place security cameras in the most effective locations to both capture any crime on film and to act as a deterrent.

Most home burglaries occur during they day when no one is home. The burglar watches for signs like no cars in the driveway or no lights on in the house to let him know that nobody is at home. Any home invader will think twice before kicking down the front door of your house if there is a camera aimed right at him. Studies show that the invader will seek out another house rather than try and find a location on the house without cameras.

One of the biggest problems business owners encounter is employee theft, especially when it is a retail business. Thousands of dollars are lost every year by employees who are tempted by being around cash or have a vendetta against the business owner.  An employee is a lot less likely to steal inventory or from the register if they know a camera is watching them at all times. The deterrent principal applies equally to businesses as it does homes; visible cameras on the exterior of a building make it far less likely to be broken into.

In cases where a break-in does occur and property is stolen from either a home or business, recovery of the stolen items is much greater when a security system has captured an image of the perpetrator committing the crime. When the perpetrator is captured, the conviction rate is higher when footage from a security system is used as evidence. In the cases of a business, if an employee is caught embezzling or slipping merchandise into a bag, it is almost a certainty that when shown the footage of their crime, the employee will return everything that was stolen.

Let SGD help you secure your property and irreplaceable items. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you every step of the way. We install security cameras in locations of optimum effectiveness. We will come into your home or business and cause minimum distractions and clean up before we leave.

Call SGD Communications at 813-527-9292 or fill out the online contact form to get a free estimate.  We will schedule a time to discuss your security needs and make sure you are satisfied with the proposed plan prior to installation.