CCTV Wesley Chapel

CCTV in Wesley Chapel is in high demand right now with all of the new development coming to the area. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a television system in which signals are not distributed to the public, but under control, primarily for security and surveillance purposes. CCTV is based on the strategic placement of cameras, and watching for camera’s input on monitors. Since the cameras are connected to the monitor and/or video recorder via private wireless communication link or coaxial cable, they are considered “closed loop” to indicate that access to content is limited by design for those who can see.

 Security Cameras Come In Different Styles

  • C-Mount or box camera, having a rectangular shape, a lens that is selected and attached separately, is used only indoors, unless it is enclosed in a separate enclosure for outdoor use. These devices are commonly used in commercial settings
  • Dome camera, a built-in lens, typically used indoors although some come with a ‘armor housing’ “that allows them to be used outdoors”.
  • Hidden cameras can come in various forms, including the type of super-small camera “eye”, which can be easily hidden or cameras that are designed to look like something else, like a teddy bear, a smoke detector or sprinkler heads. These cameras are usually designed for indoor use and have an integrated lens.
  • Pan – Tilt – Zoom (PTZ) cameras allow a remote operator to move (roundtrip), tilt (up and down), a zoom lens and usually are big and can be used indoors or out.
  • Bullet camera with the shape of a cylinder and a built-in lens, waterproof and ideal for outdoor use

Benefits of Security Cameras

Conscientiousness: There are criminals who operate differently as a result of your security camera’s mode. Once installed, your staff may also. If your employees are sometimes inclined to waste time, or be short with the customers, just knowing that there is video surveillance in the building usually prevents such behavior.

Proof: Of course, you can also use CCTV images as evidence in court. In this way, you may see some items you might have lost in the break in, while also ensuring that criminals are brought to justice. Meanwhile, it can also act as evidence in a court case or if they try to return goods that they did not buy from your store.

Reputation: if you have security cameras, then it will probably be part of a high-security technology system. This means that you are able to make a good impression on clients and visitors – who will see your high-tech cameras and know that you take security seriously, which can put them at ease.

Protect Your Staff: Theft is not the only thing at your job that is in jeopardy. And products and tools are not the only assets that must be protected. If you have a job, then it is your duty to ensure that your employees are safe and secure, which is something that security cameras can help with. If you are working with members of the public, then there’s a good chance that there will be a time when people will not be satisfied with what you have to say and they could become aggressive. This will be as threat to your staff, so having a security camera around can be a great way to help them feel more comfortable and even prevent violence.

Encouraging Awareness: Another advantage of security cameras is that they can encourage your staff to work to the fullest extent possible. While you do not want to create a “big brother” scenario, simple knowing that the cameras are ON can often help to encourage your staff to work the full time for which they are being paid.


You can rest assured that your business is safe with the installation of CCTV in Wesley Chapel by SGD Communications.  The public and your staff will be aware that your business is under surveillance not only to catch any criminal activity but also for their safety. Call (813) 527-9292 today for your free, no obligation quote towards a more secure and safer tomorrow.