Security Cameras Riverview

There is little doubt that Riverview is a nice community. With a blend of suburban and rural, it feels like a good place to raise children, which is supported by statistics from the website Neighborhood Scout. There is also another side to Riverview, one where homes, business, and vehicles are targeted for theft. You have a one out of thirty-seven chance of being a victim of a burglary in Florida, those numbers get higher depending on where your home or business is located in the Riverview area. Business owners have an additional type of theft to deal with, employee theft. You may ask, how can I protect my home or business from theft? If you are thinking about security cameras Riverview is covered by tech company SGD Communications.

Home Security Cameras Riverview

The likelihood of your home being broken into takes a steep drop when security cameras are present. It is well established that if a would-be burglar sees security cameras on your home they will seek out another, less troublesome home to rob. In fact, home security cameras are such an effective deterrent most people who have them will never need to review security recordings. If a burglar decides to risk being seen on camera, statistics show that giving a recording of the incident to police leads to a greater chance of the stolen items being returned, and the perpetrator apprehended. SGD Communication’s experienced staff has the know how to place your security cameras where they both have high visibility, and they will record the areas where burglars are likely to strike.

Commercial Security Cameras Riverview

Businesses in Riverview are just as likely, and in some cases, more likely to be burglarized. Many businesses sit close to the road and are an easy target for smash and grab schemes. Cell phone retailers and jewelry stores are among the most likely to have a theft occur after hours because of the merchandise they sell, and the easy access to the road. Security cameras, just as with homes, serve to deter potential burglars from trying to steal from a business. Security cameras also protect business owners from a more insidious type of crime, employee theft. A security camera aimed at a cash register lets you see if an employee is pocketing some of the till for themselves. Security cameras around a retail location not only deter employees from stealing merchandise, they also deter shoplifters from pocketing your merchandise and coming back for more later. Let SGD Communications set up an in-store and external security system for you. We will install the security cameras in optimum locations and work quickly, quietly, and clean up after ourselves before we leave.

Why let your home or business stay at risk, let us make your life more secure. Call 813-527-9292 or fill out our simple online contact form to receive a complimentary evaluation of your security camera needs. At SGD we help make your possessions or merchandise more secure and give you peace of mind.