Security Cameras Tampa FL

Security cameras are becoming a necessity in Tampa. Along with economic growth and expansion comes a rise in crime. SGD Communications recognizes the fact that burglaries in Tampa are on the rise. We are the premier security camera experts in Tampa area. We know the importance of securing your home or business. According to Neighborhood Scout, Tampa had a total of 1,872 burglaries and 6,568 thefts that took place in 2015. Safe Wise states that nationally burglaries occur at a higher rate in the spring and summer, so in a warmer climate like Tampa, burglary is a threat twelve months a year. Home Facts attests to that idea with the fact that burglaries in Tampa are 2% higher than the national average.  A quality surveillance system, installed by our knowledgeable and experienced professionals, can give you confidence your home or business is protected.

Why Install a Surveillance System?

There are many different reasons to install security cameras in the Tampa area, here are some of the top ones.

Deterrent: The first and most obvious reason to install security cameras is to act as a deterrent to any would be burglars. If the thief sees multiple cameras at multiple angles they realize there is a greater chance they will be apprehended by police. Most thieves will see your residence or business as more trouble than its worth if there is a visible surveillance system. Your family or employees are also safer as a result of visible security camera’s. Armed robbery in a business is unlikely when the perpetrator knows he will be recorded by a surveillance system. Employee thefts will also be reduced or eliminated when they are aware that a camera can catch them stealing from a register or taking a product home with them.

Documentation: A surveillance system with multiple security cameras has a greater chance of capturing an image of the criminal who invades your home or business. With a picture of the burglar there is a greater chance of arrest and recovery of stolen property. Video of a defendant in court breaking into a home or business leads to a higher chance of being found guilty.

A Feeling of Security: If you or a family member has someone who stalks or harasses them, a visible surveillance system tells them that any unlawful behavior will be recorded and used in court. You can rest easy at night knowing that you or your family member is safe. If you have had a business that has been robbed multiple times while it is closed, you can have peace of mind that your security cameras will catch whoever is responsible and lead to an arrest.

How to Find Out More About Our Tampa Security Camera Offerings

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