Security Cameras Tampa

If you own a home or a business anywhere, security cameras are important.  However, security cameras in Tampa are very important!  People are opening businesses and moving to the Tampa Bay area at a rapid rate due to the immense growth and attractive benefits of the amazing beaches and close proximity to tourist attractions.  There are thousands of people that have the privilege of working and living in Tampa each day and countless more have made Tampa their home. According to on a scale of 1-100 Tampa has a property crime rate of 51.  This is why Tampa security cameras are such valuable assets and worthwhile investments for your homes and businesses.

Around the Clock Security Camera Monitoring

Most of the businesses that decide to invest in security cameras in Tampa are looking for security for their home or business when they are not there.  For obvious reasons, there are substantial property and violent crimes that take place in Tampa at night when the suspects don’t think anyone is at home or at the business.  A lot of criminals who are committing these crimes are robbing these home and business owners of their valuable assets and causing property damage as well as emotional damage.  Some criminals may be interested in vandalizing the property or even worse, arson. By installing high-quality security cameras through SGD Communications, you will have a reliable system monitor your property 24-hours a day while you are there and away.

Protect Your Late Shift Employees with Remote Surveillance

As previously mentioned, quite a few crimes that take place in Tampa occur during the late night hours. As a business owner, some of your staff may still be working during these late night hours and the added security can provide piece of mind.  The security cameras are not only beneficial when employees are working but also as they are closing up and walking to their cars in the evening.  By having a quality security surveillance system in place, you will feel better about your employees’ overall safety at all times as well as your property.

Security Cameras as Effective Loss Prevention Tools

There have been several studies conducted that have proven that criminals are less likely to strike if a business or home has a security cameras installed and they are aware.  Even the most skilled robbers and criminals don’t want to deal with a business or home that has high-quality security cameras installed.  Having security cameras in place can really complicate their plan for crime and make it easier for them to get caught.   If a criminal is still dumb enough to mess with your home or business, they can be sure that they will be filmed from start to finish.


Security cameras in Tampa are in place to keep our residents and business owners and their property protected through close monitoring.  It is highly recommended that residents and business owners take full advantage of the opportunity to have their homes or businesses protected by investing in a high-quality security camera system installed by SGD communications. Call (813) 527-9292 to get your free estimate.