Security Cameras Zephyrhills

Although Zephyrhills is a beautiful city to live in, it has a very high crime rate. Crimes involving property are 112% higher than the national average, which can be very unsettling for those living in the community. Having security cameras installed around your property can help deter would-be criminals and vandals from breaking and entering into your home. Security cameras in Zephyrhills are important to you and your family’s safety and peace of mind. Find out the best places to install security cameras around your property, along with some helpful installation tips.

Front Door
The front door is surprisingly one of the most common targets for breaking and entering into a home. Although it may seem bold for an intruder to gain entrance to a home via the front door, it often proves to be the easiest point of entry.

More often than not, people forget to lock their front door or leave a “hidden” key under a flower pot in case of an emergency. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of burglars. They are usually very experienced and know exactly what to look for.

The front door is one of the most recommended places to install a security camera. You want to be strategic with your placement, however. The camera should be installed so that it is out of reach and intruders can’t tamper with it. Of course, you still want to make sure that it offers a clear view of the front door.

Other Doors
The front door is not the only door that a burglar will try. Burglar’s will try to gain access through side doors and back doors too, if you have them. Installing a camera at each door location will help protect all entryways of your property. Cameras that are weatherproof and have night vision are best for these areas that may be exposed to harsh elements and that are poorly lit at night.

Off-Street Windows
Windows can be an easy point of access for a number of reasons. Older windows may have weak locks or may not even lock at all, making it a breeze for someone trying to enter your home.

Not even a locked window will stop an intruder who is bound and determined to get in. Many burglars will throw rocks to break the glass and gain entry. In most situations, neighbors don’t usually notice the sound of breaking glass when inside their homes.

If you have a garage or shed where you keep expensive tools, gadgets, or toys, you may want to think about surveilling the premises with a security camera. Garages and sheds are usually in areas that are low key, set back a ways from the house, and are also very easy to break into.

The technology that is available with many of today’s security cameras is amazing. You can check your cameras with your smartphone any time of day, no matter where you are at. If someone comes to your door and you don’t know who it is, you can access your front door camera to see who is knocking.

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