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There’s nothing like taking a dip in a cool swimming pool when it’s scorching hot outside. Many Florida homeowners have the convenience of relaxing in their own private pool. Pool safety should be a major concern, especially if you have young children. Having a pool alarm system in place can help give you peace of mind. SGD communications is a security company Brandon FL that specializes in the installation of pool alarms.

This Month’s Topic – Pool Safety and Security

Statistics show that drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5 years old. Having a pool alarm in place will give you a second eye as to what’s going on outside. Pool alarms are able to detect when the waters are disturbed, which could indicate that a person or animal has fallen into the water.

Types of Pool Alarms

There are four different types of swimming pool alarms, including:

  • surface wave detection alarm
  • sub-surface detection alarm
  • pool immersion alarm
  • door and gate alarms

Surface wave detection pool alarms are triggered when waves are created by a person or animal that has fallen into the pool. When the waves start, the alarm goes off. These types of alarms are mounted to the deck of the swimming pool with a sensor that extends just over the surface of the water. There are other pool alarm units that are able to float on the water’s surface. It all depends on your preference.

Sub-surface section alarms are positioned below the surface of the water. This type of unit detects changes in water pressure. If a person or animal falls into the water, it will change the pressure and trigger the alarm.

Pool immersion alarms are also popular aquatic alarms. This type of alarm has a base unit and wristband that has a sensor. The sensor triggers the alarm when the wristband is fully submerged. This type of wristband is small enough for children and small pets to wear, making it a perfect option.

If you are more interested in using a pool alarm as a security measure, then a door and gate alarm may be just what you need. You never know when someone may be lurking around your property trying to get into your house. Door and gate alarm systems are installed around the entrance way into the pool area. If someone is trying to access the door or gate to the pool area, it will trigger the alarm to go off, alerting he homeowner of an unauthorized entry attempt.

Pool Surveillance

Although not necessarily considered a “pool alarm”, some people decide to install a surveillance system that keeps an eye out on the pool area. When it comes to the safety and welfare of your loved ones, having a pool surveillance system in place gives you the knowledge and peace of mind that security can provide.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an alarm. If you are seeking the guidance of an experienced Security Company Brandon Florida, then contact SGD Communications today by calling 813-527-9292 or filling out the Get Your Free Estimate form on this page!