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As an owner, you want to ensure that you are safeguarding customer data to every extent possible. Most businesses deal with sensitive customer data that could include financial information, personally identifiable information, and other forms of protected information. How can you ensure that your customer’s data is protected? Many businesses are turning to Biometric Access Control systems and Card Access Control systems as preventative measures to make sure only individuals who are authorized have access to certain areas of your business. SGD communications is a security company Lutz that specializes in the installation of Biometric Access Control systems, as well as Card Access Control systems.

What is a Biometric Access Control system?

To understand what a Biometric Access Control system is, it is important to understand first what Biometrics is. Biometrics is the science of measurement and analysis of unique characteristics of the human body. Certain characteristics such as fingerprints, eye retinas, DNA, facial recognition, and voice recognition can be used to authenticate and identify individuals. Convert this science into the form of a security device and you will be left with the Biometric Access Control system.

Biometric Access Control systems are great for businesses to allow door entry to only those who are authorized. Because these devices analyze unique physical characteristics, it makes false authentication extremely difficult, which makes the Biometric Access Control system one of the most secure security access devices on the market.

Even though an Biometric Access Control system can be set up based upon any of the unique characteristics mentioned earlier, fingerprint systems have emerged as the preferred parameter for Biometric Access Control system. Why? There are numerous reasons why fingerprints have preference, including the fact that they are probably the least fallible out of all of the unique characteristics. Fingerprints are extremely unique for each individual. As the saying goes, “No two fingerprints are alike.” Another reason why fingerprints take preference is because it’s the easiest and quickest characteristic for a Biometric Access Control system to analyze.

What is a Card Access Control system?

Not every business may need something as high tech as a Biometric Access Control system. Certain small businesses may be interested in a card security system instead, which is also more cost effective. 

The Card Access Control system works by simply waiving the card in front of the sensor in order to gain access. It’s a very simple concept, and you would only give cards to the employees that you want to give access. 

This type of card system creates an effective layer of added security; however, it is important to remember that it is not foolproof. Employees may decide to switch cards, and there’s always the chance of someone losing their card, risking unauthorized access to your business. 

There are pros and cons to each system and it is important to weigh each one before making your decision. If searching for security company Lutz, SGD Communications can install either type of system based on which is best for your business. Keep your business safe from the inside out with a Biometric Access Control system or a Card Access Control system.

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