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You Have A CCTV... Now What? 

You did it... You took the necessary steps you needed in order to keep a close eye on your business. You purchased a CCTV.

However, there is still something missing...

Now that we are in a digital age, the video footage that is needed to capture evidence of something won't work properly if it is only caught on a video tape with low quality.

Your CCTV alone cannot do its job without a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to convert analog CCTV video into a digital format.

Communications Company Employee Installing DVR Security Systems in a Wesley Chapel Building
DVR Security System Components for a Wesley Chapel Company

More Video Footage In Higher Quality

Back in the 80s and 90s, video surveillance would be captured by video cameras and saved on cassette tapes. But in our new digital age, those strategies are slightly outdated.

The DVR will ensure that you capture high quality video footage while translating it into a digital laptop or computer as compared to the old cassette tapes.

From there, you can save the video onto a DVD or zip drive in order to send it to whomever you wish, whether it would be to present proof to police or watch it on your own laptop.

What Are The Benefits Of A DVR?

Truthfully, one cannot purchase a CCTV with the DVR because the two go hand-in-hand.

But other than providing people a digital version of surveillance with better quality footage, the DVR is extremely beneficial to many business owners.

DVR's contain remote monitoring, digital storage, video compression, and secure connectivity at a low cost.

One can now access their camera footage via the internet or a cell phone, which will allow you to even keep an eye on your business while you're at home.

Our SGD Communications Team can help install your DVR and connect it with your CCTV to provide you with the top notch video surveillance footage to keep watch over your company.

Once it is installed, the anxiety that was once felt will no longer linger in your mind, as you can now have full control over everything that happens to your business during all hours of the day.

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