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Do You Smell Smoke? 

Imagine if you woke up in the middle of the night smelling smoke?

Or maybe you could be minding your own business while on the job and suddenly the sight of dark fog can be seen in the break room.

Whether you're in a house or a business, the smell or sight of smoke is generally not a good sign.

Soon enough, you find yourself dialing 911 as a small flame spreads into a blaze.

Business Owner Setting up Fire Alarm System in his Store in Wesley Chapel
Fire Alarm System in Wesley Chapel FL Synced with a Mobile App

How Could've This Been Prevented? 

Your house is destroyed. Your business is destroyed. All of your blood, sweat and tears has now been burnt to a crisp.

How could have this happened? Why did this happen?

You start to question what possibly could've caused the fire. Was it a candle? Faulty wiring? Was a stove left on or maybe a lightbulb blew out?

But here is the most important question of them all... how could something like this have been prevented?

A Fire Alarm Could've Made All Of The Difference

What are the chances that your house or business catch on fire? Probably not extremely high if we're being honest. However fires can be very unpredictable. They can spark in the blink of an eye from anything.

If you live in California, you are at a higher risk due to wildfire outbreaks every single year. If you live in Florida, your chances may be somewhat lower.

The US averaged 350,000 home structure fires per year that were responded to by fire departments across the country.

With this number representing a very low percentage of housing and business fires, that doesn't mean that it is not likely to happen ever. The moment that it does happen, is the moment where all of your hard work can disappear in the blink of an eye. Let's be honest, that is never worth it.

Like other alarm systems, SGD Communications can help you install fire alarms to help prevent a small flame from spreading into something deadly.

You can be asleep or in another room and the alarm will alert you if smoke is detected. For businesses, we can also install pull stations so people can alert others of a potential fire.

At the end of the day, you're better safe than sorry, and having a fire alarm installed might just be the difference between the outcomes.

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