Tampa Network Cabling

What is network cabling?

Network cabling is the process of using cables to transfer data between connected hardware such as routers, computers, and switches.  The cables are the carrier through which the data and media travels to get from one component to another in a network of hardware.  At SGD Communications, we specialize in Tampa network cabling projects of all sizes.

Why do we need network cabling?

In our current world, the internet and network connectivity are essential parts of the development of companies.  More and more businesses are integrating quality cabling into their networks.  Using quality cabling allows the business to function much smoother, have less “downtime”, and transfer data more efficiently without restrictions.

What are the different types of network cables?

There is not just one cable fits all.  It is imperative to use the proper cable depending on the overall architecture of the network and the structure of the systems being networked together.  The most common types of cables are what is referred to as “twisted pair cable”.  In local area networks, this type of cable is the most commonly used as well as in Ethernet networks.  Twisted pair cables are made up of four pairs of wires and conductors contained inside the outer sheath of the cable.  The pairs are twisted into additional twists to prevent interference with other neighboring cables and devices.

Fiber optic cabling is used when high bandwidth is required. This is especially important in a data center when the installation is in a high capacity environment such as a bank, airport, or hospital.  Fiber optic cabling is growing as the medium of choice because of its ability to handle high volumes of data.  Other cable types include coaxial, multipair and of course, other types of media such as wireless.

Proper network cabling is essential for efficient data transmission between hardware to allow for a business to operate at its peak performance.  Almost every business is highly dependent on the transmission of information and businesses cannot afford to have downtime or slow connections between their hardware, routers and computers.  Contact your local Tampa network cabling specialists at (813) 527-9292 today.