VOIP Land O Lakes

So much of the way we do business nowadays has moved to a cloud based platform that it only makes sense that the way we communicate would also. Cloud based business operations can include document signing, preparing presentations, project management, VOIP phone systems and many more.  Though VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) may seem intimidating at first, it clearly benefits the operations of businesses of all sizes.  Following are 5 of these key benefits that many Land O Lakes businesses are already experiencing :


Hassle Free Maintenance

We all clearly have so much to do already, that having only a 40 hour work week is often laughed at. So why not go with an option that would decrease that workload and have many other benefits as well?  VOIP is handled off-site, leaving the maintenance and any other issues to be handled remotely and not by IT employees of the company using the VOIP service.  Your staff and finances are not being used for the upkeep of the VOIP system, allowing staff and money to be utilized elsewhere.  


Opportunity for Growth with Ease

Business is always evolving and so is technology.  As your needs increase (or decrease), so can your VOIP service.  Phone extensions, phone lines, and features can be added and taken away with ease with a cloud based communication system. An additional bonus is that no hardware is required.


System Reliability

Customer service and communication are key points in productivity and growth in your business.  With a cloud based VOIP system there are many advantages related to reliability.  The quality of the call is clearer, dropping calls is no longer an issue and the response time is also decreased.  


Nearly non-existent breakdown

With a cloud based VOIP, operations are centralized and the chance of interrupted service due to a plethora of potential issues is nearly non-existent.  With a traditional phone system, if there is a storm or power outage, there could be hours before anything is resolved leaving your business to hold all operations until the issue is resolved.  When the infrastructure of your VOIP system is cloud based there are protocols in place to ensure your connectivity in any emergency or natural disaster.   


Mobility and Flexibility

As long as you have an internet connection you can communicate with employees and customers from anywhere.  With VOIP you can speak with a client over the phone from a coffee shop or your hotel room and still access your files, email, presentations etc.  Never miss an urgent call or play phone tag again!
Storing all of your data on one network with a VOIP can be beneficial in so many ways.  VOIP, like everything else is constantly evolving with benefits for businesses of all sizes being added at a steady pace.  VOIP offers a maintenance free, expandable,cost-effective, reliable and extremely mobile communication for businesses of all sizes in Land O Lakes and across the country.  For more information on the leading way of communication in Land O Lakes and to see if VOIP is right for your expanding business give us a call.