In this day and age, there are many methods of communication. But even with advanced technology, it is important that every small business has a reliable phone system in place. Many business owners are switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) as an affordable alternative to a land line phone system. If you are searching for VOIP Lutz service provider SGD Communications may be just the solution that you are looking for.

What exactly is VOIP

Although VOIP sounds intimidating, it’s a relatively simple concept. VOIP transmits your phone call as data over the internet instead of transmitting sound through traditional phone lines. 

What makes VOIP more efficient?

VOIP only transmits sound, not silence. Because it only transmits when you are speaking, it can end up saving a lot of data. Traditional landlines pick up everything, including the silent pauses during the phone conversation when no one is speaking. Another area where VOIP is more efficient is multiple conversations can use a single digital pathway, since VOIP doesn’t require a dedicated connection. 

Advantages of VOIP

VOIP is more technologically advanced than a traditional phone system, but that’s not the only advantage. Here are some areas where VOIP is a clearly better option than landlines.


Cost savings is one of the biggest areas of advantage of VOIP. With VOIP, you use your already established internet connection. This means you don’t have to deal with a phone company, and you will save money on your monthly phone bill; not to mention forgo the cost of installation and upkeep of a wired phone system.


Having the ability to answer your phones from wherever you are is very important as many business men and women are always on the go. With VOIP, you don’t have to be in the physical office to answer your extension. You can even pair your cell phone to ring simultaneously with your office phone. 


A landline system can only make and receive calls, nothing else. VOIP gives you more advanced options than just answering the phone. With VOIP, you can transmit data or video, which means you can have teleconferences. You can even have faxes and/or voicemails automatically sent to your email.

Disadvantages of VOIP

While VOIP is a great option, there can be some disadvantages. One downside is connection. If you don’t have a fast, reliable internet connection that can keep up, VOIP may not be right for you. With today’s technology, however, most internet is fast and reliable. 

If the power goes out, your phone will not be in service. Landlines work even when there’s no power. Having no phone service could prove to be a problem in the event of an emergency. Of course, most people keep their cell phones on them. Sometimes businesses maintain one landline just in case of an emergency. 

Even with these disadvantages, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Landline phone systems are outdated and expensive. VOIP systems are technologically advanced and affordable. 

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