Wesley Chapel Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming more of a necessity with each passing day. This fact is even true of Wesley Chapel, despite its wholesome atmosphere.  According to Neighborhoodscout.net, one home out of sixty-eight has a chance of being burglarized; that number is sure to grow along with a population increase. The American South in general accounts for forty-seven percent of burglaries nationally according to Protectyourhome.com. Even if you are vigilant at night, and keep the yard and driveway lit with security lights, that is not enough. The majority of burglaries occur during the daytime when you and your loved ones are at work or school. When the sun goes down, most burglars have already finished robbing homes for the day. This is not to say a burglar will not strike at night, cars in the driveway, or sheds in the backyard are often targets for theft. Saferesidence.com states that only thirteen percent of criminals who burglarize a home are ever arrested. According to Safewise.com, businesses are sixty-four percent more likely to be burglarized than residences. The arrest rate is even worse for a business that has been burglarized; only one in six break-ins results in an arrest. How then are you supposed to protect your home and property or business from theft? Let SGD Communications help you protect everything starting with the best Wesley Chapel security cameras that fit your budget and needs.

Security Cameras as a Deterrent and Recording Device

The chances of a burglar being apprehended and your stolen property recovered are greater if you have security cameras in and around your home or business. A recording of the offender in the act will help police to identify the culprit and bring him to justice, and help to get a conviction at trial. It is a well-known fact that security cameras are a deterrent to would be thieves. When your home or business is being cased by a burglar, the sight of cameras will convince them the risk of robbing you outweighs the rewards. Your security cameras, in some cases, may even help your neighbors, both residential and commercial, who have been burglarized. The image of the crime can lead to an arrest and prevent your home or business being broken into by the same burglar at a later date.

What Surveillance Options Are Best for Your Needs?

We at SDG Communications are committed to help you find which surveillance system is best suited to your needs, while providing excellent service. We will be with you every step of the way, from choosing cameras that fit your budget, to professional installation. Our technicians will come to your home or business and determine the optimum angles for your Wesley Chapel security cameras to be set at, and how many cameras will be required. We will advise you on what type of recording device is best for your system, regardless whether it is the most basic unit, or a unit that lets you access it via the internet anywhere in the world. Installation will be done quickly, quietly, and will not leave a mess for you to clean up later.

Please call us at 813-527-9292, fax us at 813-514-2327 or take a moment to fill out the contact form online.  Once you have been in contact with us we will provide you with a free estimate. We here at SDG look forward to hearing from you.